Digital Painting

Digital rendering of a kitty character using brushes in Adobe Illustrator.

Zoomed in on the brush detail in cat's chest fur
Zoomed in on the brush detail in cat's eyes and face
Main illustration image of a cat made to mimic the effects of a paint brush

Camper's Contact Card

Contact card design made for a camping couple. They wanted to keep in touch with the friends they made on their adventures. The contact information has been removed to protect the identity of this couple.

showing front and back of business card
stylized illustration of a trailor in the mountains
contact information with illustration of mountains

Isometric Illustration

Isometric 3 dimensional style illustration of a camp ground. Showing different activities to do while camping.

Illustration of a campground on floating islands made to look 3d
zoomed in on man fishing in front of tent trailor
zoomed in on man enjoying fire beside is RV

iPhone 5 Skin

Custom design created for the iPhone 5. Skins are stickers fitted for the exterior of certain phones.

front cover design
back cover design
main image: design of cats over top an iPhone 5 template
Illustration of barmaids holing a pint of beer
water color painting of woman from shoulders up
Paiting of a eye with desgins around it
girl inside shilhouette of a cat
painting of the joker and harley quinn
painting of the joker and harley quinn

Web Design

The Canadian Maker Website

Check it out

Main page digital Mockup
Gallery page digital Mockup
workshops page digital Mockup

Maggie Paquette Portfolio Website

This website the finished product.

Digital mockup of the homepage of this website
Sketches of layout of Website
Sketches of layout of Website


Harry Potter quote: in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own
Harry Potter Quote: We've all got light and dark inside us what matters is the part we choose to act on
Harry Potter Quote: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live
Harry Potter Quote: we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy

Adventure Time Quotebook

Involves quotes from different characters in TV show Adventure Time. Text is made using both digital and hand made typography from construction paper.

Adventure time quotebook title page
Adventure time quote: C'mon bro... taking pain is easy. you just have to imagine that every bruise is a Hickey from the universe...and everyone wants to get with the universe-Finn the Human
Adventure time quote: Well if you want these lumps you gotta put a ring on it. Where is my ring?-Lumpy Space Princess
Adventure time quote: Don't squeeze me, I'll fart- Old Starchy
Adventure time quote: Magic is just science for people who don't understand science- Princess Bubble Gum
Adventure time quote: Hold tight your buns, if your buns you do hold dear- Earl of Lemongrab
Adventure time quote: Put me on the grid, scale of 1 to 10. 1 is totally gross, 10 is like: hey ice king you look crazy sick - Ice King

Product Design

Package Design

Conceptual design of two bite selections, if they were to be put into a variety pack.

image of package design prototype
box design, outter box that would need to be cut out and folded
brownies box design, inner box that would need to be cut out and folded
macaroons box design, inner box that would need to be cut out and folded
cinnamon box design, inner box that would need to be cut out and folded

The Canadian Maker Products

Here are a few examples of the products that were designed for The Canadian Maker’s clients, or general public sales.

wooden coaster design for canada 150
wooden coaster design with compass
wooden coaster design with deer with glasses and a moustache
slate coaster design with maple leaf outline, and landscape inside the leaf
slate coaster design with quote: proud to be canadian
slate coaster design with lotus flower and flourishes